Hi, this is the official blog of the product titled From Inbox To Romance, by Ezra James. The purpose of this blog is to become a resource for men (and possibly women) who need advice when it comes to online dating, and dating in general. This will be a place where people can share ideas, debate, and give support. I realize that a blog about dating isn’t about to change the world, but I also realize that about 5 years ago I would have killed to have the information that I’m about to make available on here.

No longer do men have to twiddle their thumbs, single and lonely, looking at YouTube videos. As of current day, there are thousands of new singles, every day, joining online dating sites. So why not use this seemingly endless supply of singles to your advantage? Online dating is no longer taboo. Most people have tried or will try it. Young and old, gorgeous and ugly. One and all.

So it’s time to consider this resource as a real one. But it takes more than simply copying and pasting your Facebook profile and hoping for the best. Online dating is a different animal. The ego is at play more than on other social networking sites. There are reasons that some men have more success than others online.

We are going to get into the reasons why, and we are going to teach you how to achieve success, dates, relationships, and romance.

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