Asking a Woman on a Date over the Phone

OK, Call Her & Set It Up.

You’ve spent enough time on OKCupid and Match by now. It’s time to actually meet someone in the flesh.

So you’ve got her phone number, you mustered up the courage to text and call. The conversation is going great. Now it’s time to set up a first date. What should you do?

First of all, I hope you’re setting this up over a phone call. It’s important to create a sense of comfort before meeting someone, and there’s no better way to do this than with the sound of your

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voice. It’s good for you, as well. What are you going to do if your date sounds like a wild hyena, but you never took the 5 minutes to call her and find out?

So anyway – make the call. It should feel like a natural progression, anyhow, after building comfort and rapport over messaging and texting. It’s absolutely necessary – otherwise, prepare to be flaked on a whole lot. And nobody likes being left stranded or flaked on. It sucks. You don’t want that.

So when you finish up your call, after bantering on and asking her about her weekend and such, you’ll say “do you want to meet up at XYZ bar on Wednesday night? It’s a cool spot.” Once she says that sounds good, you’ll say “okay, let’s plan on that, and I’ll text you Wednesday with a time, but let’s say around 8.”

When Wednesday comes around, you can text her to confirm the time, and that you’ll see her there.

Questions? Let me know I’ll answer anything.

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