First Date Tips + Advice (Or how to not destroy a first date)

First Date Tips

Here are the top 3 things to remember when meeting up on your first date:

1. Establish Contact and Get Rid of Your Jitters

What this means is when you first see her, at the very least give her a half hug and

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a kiss on the cheek. It shows that you’re a confident guy, comfortable in your surroundings. You also need to get rid of any weird shaky movements or twitches you make, maybe when you’re nervous. Practice breathing deeply. You could use a breathing exercise to get rid of nervousness, but the most noticeable thing is when someone is flying their hands all around and twitching their face every which way, because it sends a message of insecurity. So practice walking slowly and comfortably, and making slow, calm movements with your hands and head.

2. SMILE and look into her eyes

Don’t forget to smile. It’s the most important thing. Don’t be creepy and smile all night. But when the right joke comes along, feel free to smile. Laugh. Have fun. That’s the point, isn’t it? Don’t be shy to look into her eyes either. Don’t stare at her like a murderer, but when you two are connecting, or she’s pouring

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out her soul in a story or something like that, look into her eyes. Be interested in what she has to say. What color are her eyes? Speak and hold eye contact as well. It exudes confidence.

3. If you think things are going well, make sure to touch her throughout the night before you try to kiss her

There’s no feeling more frustrating than having a great night together, having fun, wanting to go for a kiss at the end of the night, but feeling uncomfortable to do it, and wimping out, or getting shot down on your attempt.

This happens because you didn’t touch her enough, and give her a chance to touch you. Now, I’m not saying to grab and grope her. I just mean to put a re-assuring hand on the back as you walk around the bar, touching her shoulder or knee to emphasize a joke… all while you maintain smiling and eye contact. All while you appear like a fun and confident guy.

And for pete’s sake – if she is touching YOU, this is a MASSIVE green “Go-Ahead!” signal. I’m not saying you should manipulate anyone, or take advantage of anyone, but this one of several ways a woman is rooting you on to continue touching, and to get a sweet goodbye kiss in at the end of the night.

So those are my tips for

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your first date. Another entire topic is what to talk about, among other things, but this will do for now.

Thanks for reading.

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