Free Dating Site Reviews (OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, + One Secret Dating Site)

When I began online dating, I joined a paid site (JDate), and went on ZERO dates. It wasn’t the site’s fault though. I had no idea of how to attract and date women online. It was almost too overwhelming and surreal. As a shy guy who didn’t chat up dozens of women on a given night, I didn’t know how to lead a conversation toward a phone number, or even how to call a girl the right way. Don’t get me started on first dates, either. I was just pretty clueless with the whole thing.

Sorry for the poor image quality of the video – not sure what went wrong there :-/ (Just pretend it’s a podcast!) 🙂

Not that I had no experience with women before, I did, but not online. You see, the process of going from online to in-person has a few steps, and if

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my subscriber-only newsletter videos, where I warn you about each potential pitfall, and how to ensure that you enjoy the thrill of success with online dating instead of the misery and boredom of online dating failure.

Anyhow, on to free dating websites: There are a LOT of options out there, but I only recommend a couple, with one in particular. Plenty of Fish, or POF, is very popular, but I enjoy the interface of OKCupid a lot more. It seems like a more “tech friendly” crowd, which is something I like in a date, and I’m sure many of you do too. There’s something to be said about someone who is coherent enough to choose some nice looking photos and formulate a few enticing paragraphs about themselves.

The secret dating site isn’t a dating site at all, actually. However, it will spring new ideas to you in finding potential dates OUTSIDE of the normal online dating websites. So give it a watch, and see if it gives you some new ideas. In fact, leave a comment if you have any similar sites to add.

– Ezra

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  1. Your suggestions are quite legit and realistic. Thanks to your pseudo-video (or podcast as you might want to call it), I have realized that online dating is indeed a simple thing that most of us just want to complicate for the sake of doing so.

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