How to Be More Funny & Interesting (Advice for a Shy Person)

In this latest video I discussed some tips about being more funny and interesting. Someone sent me a message on YouTube – and since I love my followers – I made a video. I could make a video for you next!

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Just send me a message on YouTube, or leave a comment on a video!

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more funny:

Being funny is more difficult than being interesting, but the best advice I have is to surround yourself with “funny”. So that means watch funny tv shows, (such as The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and many others), watch funny movies, funny plays, attend an improv show (google one near you), read books by comedians (such as Rodney Dangerfield, or George Carlin, for example.)

Being Interesting is much easier than being funny. You can be interesting purely by doing lots of different and new things. Learn to say YES! to every new opportunity. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. You should accept EVERY invitation to try something new by your friends or acquaintances. (Just don’t get arrested.) Also, try surfing and looking for a meet-up gathering that is happening near you soon. There are lots of them going on.

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