How to Fake Confidence


One of the biggest game-changers in dating is when you’ve got enough momentum and confidence on your side that things become easy. What as once confusing, frustrating, and difficult, is now a whole lot easier, and it’s due to your confidence.

But what if you feel like a low confidence guy, and you feel uncomfortable around women?

Can you ‘fake’ confidence?

(This comes in handy on a first date, when you might be feeling some nervous energy.)

I found a great article on a blog I had never heard of before. It’s called “Real Men Drink Whiskey.”

I thought this excerpt describes the idea really well:


If you walk into a living room

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with a girl you are forced to make a move. You will be going from standing to sitting, a change in state. At this point you are left with a

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choice to make, this choice has three likely options:

  1. You let her sit, then you sit across, or down the couch from her.
  2. You let her sit, then you sit right next to her.
  3. You sit first, and you communicate with her to sit right next to you.

Choice #1 is weak. It does nothing to better your situation and reeks of cowardice. This the easiest and weakest choice (you could say it’s a failure to make a choice). Choice #2 is fine, it shows you have interest in her and are bold enough to let it be known. If she likes you, she wants you to be close as well. While this is entirely adequate, it’s not exactly strong. By picking choice #3 you are accomplishing the same feats as #2, only you are displaying a level of confidence bordering on cockiness. This strong of a move works best if you accentuate it, making it clear it’s deliberate. I suggest you wait until she is fully seated before having her move to her new spot next to you.

Good stuff.

To read the whole article, click here.

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