How to Write a Better Online Dating Profile

If you’re considering trying out an online personals site, then understand right now that there are hundreds of thousands of people just like you trying the same thing. The only way to set yourself apart as a unique individual is the way you set-up your online dating profile. Here’s some advice to make sure you stick out among the crowd.The first, and most important tip of all, is to never appear ‘needy’. If you seem uncomfortable or try-hard in your profile, it’s a surefire attraction killer. Never write things like “I hope to meet my next girlfriend” or “I want to

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share my life with someone” or “I want to start a family” or anything like that. It just appears too try-hard and desperate. I’m not saying that you are never allowed to reveal these goals, but just don’t do it right there on your profile. Your profile is for mystery. Putting all your cards on the table doesn’t help you. You never want to appear lonely or desperate in your profile. Always keep that in mind.

The next tip is to make yourself a challenge. This is related to not appearing too needy. Use ‘disqualifiers’ in your profile. This means that you might list qualities you look for in a woman, but will also list qualities that you don’t. Just please, don’t come across too negative. Make sure your qualities that you don’t look for are kept light and playful. Don’t talk about your exes and how you never want to repeat the same mistakes, etc. You must always stay positive and light, or she (or he) will run the other way.

The third tip is to creatively describe. Don’t simply say “I like to travel” or “I like long walks on the beach” – talk about your favorite travel experience, and use adjectives when describing the smells, the tastes, and the way you felt. Women especially, love descriptive language. It’s what sells all of the romance novels. Be creative. Don’t be a bore.

Lastly for today, have a friend or a professional look over your profile and provide you with criticism. It always helps to have someone take a look over what you’ve created. If you’re too shy to ask a friend, you can ask me.

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